Yellowstone's Rebirth by Fire<br />Rising from the Ashes of the 1988 Wildfires<br /><i>By Karen Reinhart

Yellowstone's Rebirth by Fire
Rising from the Ashes of the 1988 Wildfires
By Karen Reinhart

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Yellowstone's Rebirth by Fire features 93 photos from the historic 1988 Yellowstone fires. Included are dramatic accounts of firefighters on the front lines and the spectacular story of the rebirth of Yellowstone, from burned-out fields and mountainsides to lush green plains and valleys of many colorful flowers, lodgepole pine trees, and aspen trees.

Published May 1, 2008, this book also features a detailed time line of the fires, including 7 maps depicting the swiftness and destructiveness of the blazes.

Yellowstone's Rebirth by Fire shows that although fires are very damaging to both flora and fauna, fires can also gives rise to a new era as the land slowly returns to its majestic beauty. In this book myths about fire are dispelled and the history and legacy of fire in Yellowstone Park are discussed.

Paperback; 112 pages.
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